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Affordable Funeral Services For Over 26 Years

Leavitt's Mortuary is located in the Aultorest Memorial Park, the largest family-owned cemetery in Ogden, consisting of  60 acres of beautiful landscape at the base of a mountain. We are known for our stunning water fountain entrance, which has helped to make our facility a local landmark. Our funeral director will work diligently to ensure that all your wishes are taken care of from cremation to burial. Our mission is to provide you with simple, affordable funeral services within your budget.

Why Choose Leavitt's Mortuary?

  • Largest Family Owned Cemetery in Ogden
  • Compassionate Funeral Directors
  • Over 26 Years Of Community Service
  • Available 24-Hours
  • Located in a Peaceful Neighborhood
  • Compassionate Customer Service

Our Comprehensive Services:

  • Cremation Service
  • Burial Service
  • Embalming Service
  • Funeral Pre-Planning
  • Funeral Service
  • Mausoleum
  • Funeral Directors

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